8 Days in Andalucía (South Spain) / Tips + Where to go

February 4, 2020

I always wanted to visit Andalucia, well known for its white villages, delicious food, and many many things to see and do all in the Southern part of Spain. I decided to book a 8 days holiday trip as a gift for my boyfriends birthday. I wanted to choose a city where we could do/see many things instead of staying somewhere like Paris which is nice but not much to do. We visited 11 spots in 8 days. And here are all my personal ins and outs, I definitely recommend anyone to visit Andalucia alone or together, its both possible.

– Rent a car
– Book air bnb instead of hotel (cheaper)
– Plan out your whole trip so you know where to go and what to do
– Try local food & eat at markets
– Buy fresh bread at the bakery and eat breakfast in the airbnb (cheaper)
– Check what time restaurants and bars are open cause some are closed during siesta

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1. Malaga
Our 1st stop was Malaga, we slept in 2 cities, in Malaga and Sevilla. I recommend to stay in both cities cause from Malaga you can visit the east-side and from Sevilla you can visit the west-side. Malaga was great, loads of cute bars, places to eat and close to the beach. We stayed in a airbnb 10 minutes from the city centre by car. It’s nice to stroll around the city and have a drink and eat tapas. I don’t eat fish and chicken is the only meat I eat so it was a bit harder for me to find restaurants. But if you eat everything its very easy.

Food in Malaga:
– El taqueo (mexican kitchen)
– Brunchit (breakfast)
– La canasta (Bakery)
– Casa Aranda (churros)
– El ultimo mono (juices & coffee)
– La calle burger (burgers)
– Food market

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2. Nerja/Maro beach
Our 2nd stop was Maro beach, its a 37 minute drive from Malaga and easy to reach by car. It’s a quiet beach with little rocks instead of sand and the water is clear. Maro beach is well known for its waterfalls which we did not see cause we wanted to stay at one spot. The plan was to eat lunch in Nerja but after a long day at the beach we decided to go back to the airbnb for a shower and eat in Malaga.

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3. Setenil de las bodegas
Our 3rd stop was Setenil de las bodega, a very cute small village in between rocks. We only stopped at this spot for a few pics and a drink cause this day we have visited 3 villages so there wasn’t too much time but Setenil was amazing to see and even though there isn’t much to do, seeing this (under the rock) village was very nice. It was an 1 hour and 20 minute drive from Malaga.

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4. Juzcar
Our 4th stop was Juzcar also known as the blue city of smurfs. Juzcar was originally a white village but painted blue in 2011 by Sony Spain for the Smurf movie and stayed blue ever since. So the city on its own isn’t very special but the blue just makes it a amazing spot to visit. I loved taking pictures here and wander around the streets. It wasn’t touristy at all. The road to Juzcar wasn’t the best, so make sure to drive carefully when visiting this small village. From Juzcar we drove to Ronda, our 5th stop.

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5. Ronda
Our 5th stop was Ronda. I was so impressed by the way Ronda looked. Bridges, old bricks, and the big rocks underneath the houses are breath taking. Ronda is touristy but after 15:00 there were less people so we decided to eat first before we wandered around this pretty city. We had lunch and drinks at meson cathedral.

Things to do in Ronda:
– Jardines de cuenca
– Plaza Duquesa de parcent
– Palacio de mondragon (free entrance on tuesday)

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6. Frigiliana
Our 6th stop was Frigiliana. They say that its the Santorini of Spain with the blue doors, many grey stairs and white villages. Its small, but oh so pretty! It’s a 37 minute drive from Malaga and easy to reach by car. Make sure you drive all the way to the top to park the car otherwise you have to walk all the way up which is exhausting in the hot sun. We stopped in this village when we were on our way to Granada, so if you want to visit Granada its a must to stop at this spot for a picture and a drink at the terrace.

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7. Granada
Our 7th stop was Granada. We visited Frigiliana and Granada in one day. Its a one hour drive from Frigiliana to Granada. We really wanted to visit the Al hambra but we were too late for tickets so instead of the main ticket we went for a ticket around the Al hambra where you could walk trough the gardens which was SO nice! We stayed here for about 2 hours just wandering around and take pictures. We had lunch at a small spot somewhere random cause a lot of things were closed during the time we wanted to get lunch. We had dinner back in Malaga again.

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8. Cordoba
Our 8th stop was Cordoba. We choose this city cause it was on the way to Sevilla. Granada and Cordoba are both well known for the arabic influences which I was very intrigued by. I always wanted to visit Morocco but never did (yet) so Cordoba was something I could not skip. Again we were too late for the mosque tickets so we decided to just wander around the small streets full of balcony’s and flowers. I took a lot of pictures here cause everything just looked so nice.

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 21.19.209. Sevilla
Our 9th stop was Sevilla. This city is one of the bigger cities we visited. Sevilla is well known for the flamenco and important for the culture, art, politics and economy. Plaza de espana was one of my favorite things to see cause it was so pretty. There are also many vintage shops in Sevilla which we didn’t visit (I tried not to go shopping during our stay ha-ha).

Food in Sevilla:
– Toby eats the world (burgers & pizza)
– Mano de santo (mexican kitchen & cocktails)

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10. Cadiz
Our 10th stop was Cadiz. We originally wanted to stop at Jerez de la frontrera but we decided to stay in bed a little longer and catch some more sleep so we skipped Jerez and went straight to Cadiz. Cadiz had good food but we didn’t do much other than wander around and take pictures. From Cadiz we went back to Sevilla for food.

Food in Cadiz:
– La Chancha y los 20 (argentinian kitchen)
– Los Napolitanos (pizza)
– Restaurante Café Royalty

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11. Tarifa
Our 11th and last stop was Tarifa. Tarifa is the oldest city from Spain and closest to Morocco. Its literally the end of Europe which made it so special. Even though Tarifa wasn’t our favorite city, it was still special cause you could see Africa from there and even take a boat trip to Morocco. We had lunch at Cafe 10. Tarifa is well known for the good breakfast and lunch spot and even though its the oldest city, they had loads of new spots where you could just chill with a coffee. Because Tarifa has a large beach with crystal clear water we decided to go to the beach here. I must admit that this was one of my favorite holidays ever. We visited so many villages in just 8 days and we ate at so many different places, this was exactly the holiday I expected to be and I prefer holidays like these over big city trips. The small villages were just so cute and so not touristy. Hope ya liked reading all this!

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