”Looks like Tokyo to me”

August 18, 2018

Me and Nikki shot a lot of content last couple of months, we went out shooting here in The Netherlands, but we weren’t feeling the dutch buildings and locations. It’s pretty hard to find cool spots but Nikki came up with this cool pastel pink building. It had black and white tiles on the side, and for some reason it made me think of Tokyo. I’ve never been in Japan, but it has been on my bucket list for way too long. We shot this cute outfit (as always) matching with the location. I’m wearing checkerboard vans, a checkerboard skirt I bought in sale, and a Hellz Bellz long sleeve which I looooove. We shot this outfit a couple of weeks ago, but since I wanted to enjoy the dutch summer, I didn’t really took the time to edit and post them on the blog. I must say that I kinda changed my clothing style last couple of weeks. I’m more into vintage, oversized and basic pieces. I want to leave the skirts behind and dress more mature but still in a urban way.

I took a little break again when it comes to Instagram & Blogging, I’ve been so busy with my other 3 jobs that my mind was exploding. Doing much better now and I’m still alive! I shot some new images with Marco the other day, will post these as soon as I get them. By the way I’m into Travis scott his new album, its fire. Do you like it?

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