July 13, 2018

This look gives me football vibes (or soccer in your case). I have been watching the world champion games since day one and I must admit that its kinda exciting to watch. Normally I don’t watch football cause its not really my thing and I don’t understand a fuck they’re doing. I know I need to cheer for my own team which is the dutch team ”Feyenoord”. But The Netherlands didn’t make the cut this year cause they suck lol. I shot this look at a football court cause again, somehow it gave me these football vibes. I think Nikki did a great job and the pictures came out so nice. The colours match exactly the way I thought they would. Me and Nikki¬† make a great team, besides shooting with Marco, me and Nikki know exactly what we want in a picture. Her edits are always so minimal and clean. Thats how I usually like my picture’s. This is part two of the Kappa x Snipes series. The shorts are one of my faves. Love to wear these to a festival with a bodysuit and boots. Today is the first day of WOOHAH festival and I’m beyond excited!


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