July 12, 2018

WOOHAH festival is around the corner, something I’m very excited for. This will be my 3th time at WOOHAH. I love the music, the artists, the vibe, I’m a big hiphop fan myself I have always listened to hiphop ever since I was young. My brother is a DJ so I kinda grew up with the music, also the vibe around it, the streetstyle the way of living, the fresh sneakers. Snipes invited me again to join them for a whole weekend, A-WHOLE-WEEKEND. That means, dancing, drinking, laughing, crazyness, moshpits, nice weather. I will do a recap on my Instastory so don’t miss out on that! For this look I’m wearing this cool Kappa x Snipes tracksuit and a matching top. This whole look gives me spice girl vibes. I actually never wear white so I needed to get used to the colour but I think it looks very dope with the gold jewels. Again, Nikki behind the camera. She did a great job on the shots/editing and I did the second editing. I found this place a while ago, always wanted to shoot here and the outcome is so dope. I really really love this location. Certainly gonna shoot here again soon! ”Part two” of this shoot will be dropped tomorrow! A new look, new fresh content.



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