A touch of toxic green

July 5, 2018

Again, me and Marco found a pretty simple wall to shoot at right on the corner of the place I work at which is pretty nice cause I hate to change clothes on the streets when I have to shoot. It was easy for me to change clothes at work right before we shot some pics! This is the last of the 3 series we shot for the Swatch campaign. I choose a black watch with neon colours cause it represents me as a person. I always like to wear black with a touch of colour. And how dope is my tee? Its UV reactive baby! I got it gifted from my goodbyebread family, always love their items and collection! Also, lately I really love the way my skin looks. I stopped wearing foundation, and I wear way less make-up in general which is new for me cause I used to wear a mask all day. Not that I was wearing a really thick layer, but it was hard to capture me out of the house without make-up. Last couple of 3 months I stopped buying lashes, stopped wearing foundation, stopped wearing creamy contour. All I do now is brows, concealer, and highlighter! The summer days in The Netherlands are amazing, everybody’s happy and there is so much to do. Laying in the park with music on my own is already a good idea. Whats your fave thing to do during summer days?

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