50 shades of brown

June 27, 2018

So my friend Patrick picked up these very nice dungarees from Carhartt for me. I saw them a while ago in London, but didn’t buy them. Back in Rotterdam I decided to just order them anyway cause the colour is sick and I like my shit baggy. I wanted to keep the shades of brown and matched it with this cute jacket I got myself at Bershka in Cologne. I wanted to wear my Vachetta tan’s but somehow the brown didn’t match very well so I went for a safer colour, BLACK! As you may know, I love to wear my one stars. They can be worn under every outfit and they are so extremely comfy. I always wanted a pair and now I got like 7?! Me and Nikki went to this cool place in Rotterdam, and shot the outfit at this nice brick wall. Somehow I always find places with backgrounds that really match my outfit.. WIN! Me and Nikki are planning on shooting a lot this month so new fresh content is coming your way! The colour way dungarees I’m wearing was out of stock online but I found them in black for you. The top im wearing underneath is from NA-KD, but old collection so not available online anymore.

Shop Carhartt [here]
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carhartt1 carhartt2 carhartt3

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