Got that Karl Kani

June 20, 2018

As you know my style, I love to wear things oversized. I immediately fell in love once I saw these Karl Kani dungarees in store at Snipes. Of course I needed something like a matching top so I went for a top from the same brand. I always wear my dungarees oversized, but I recommend ordering this in your own size since its already a bit oversized. I shot these pictures with Nikki, visit her instagram [here], I love her work, and working with her is much fun! We went shooting for a whole day so more fits are coming. I wanted to wear black shoes but I think these Re-imagined Nike airforce does fit better as it lightens up the whole outfit.

Shop dungarees [here] (I’m wearing a XS)
Top isn’t available anymore but [this] one will do!




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