June 18, 2018

It took me forever to edit these, also took me forever to swatch everything on my legs lol. I don’t have any space left on my arms because of my tattoos, and to be honest, its waaay easier to swatch it on my legs! So last week I got some amazing packages in from my NYX family. They are the sweetest and always send me good stuff. I always love to try out different kinds of make-up. I tried red eyeliner for the first time today and I love how it looks. If you follow me for a long time u must know that I’m a big fan of sparkle and highlighters. I tried on some for you today and also swatched a bunch of lipglosses from the NYX Lingerie collection. They come in: Shimmer Chatoyant, Glitter Pailettes and the regulair Gloss.

I’m also doing 2 GIVEAWAYS, scroll down to see how to enter!


nyx2I actually stopped wearing foundation, cause I’m finally happy enough with the way my skin looks without. I drink loads of water now, and take good care of it. 1). I always use a day cream before I start with my makeup. 2). Then I start with my eyebrows, I also shaped them differently today. I always use my ABH for the brows and Essence dark brown brow gel. 3). For concealer I used the Naked skin from Urban decay in peach to cover my dark cirkles, I swear this is a really good concealer for a under layer. On top I always use one from Nars, but my skin got a bit darker because of the sun so now I’m using LA girl pro concealer in Creamy beige. This is a thicker foundation, but I can’t get enough from this one. I always have to wear 2 concealers on top cause my dark circles are quite dark. 4). For setting powder I used the Laura mercier translucent powder. This is by far my fave and I have noticed that a lot of girls are a big fan. 5.) For contour, I stopped using creamy contour products cause I like to keep it a lil more natural so I only use the MAC give me sun bronzer to shape and bronze my face. 6.) Normally I would add blush but for this look I finished with a highlighter and a gloss. I used the NYX away we glow strobe cream which is suuuuper pretty and comes in handy cause its not too bright but yet the highlighter stays better when you use it underneath it. 7.) For the highlighter I went in with the born to glow pallet which is my new go-to pallet. I seriously have been using this the day I got it and I can’t stop using it. I use the gold for my inner corners, and the left bottom and top right for my cheek bones! How effin dope is that highlighter?! Its like a beam of light haha.


Hope you like all the swatches cause it took me a while haha. My faves are the Duo Chromatic Chromatic glosses. These are made for unicorns! Also the born to glow and Away we glow liquid products are super super nice and stay on very long. I haven’t tested out the eye pallets yet cause I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows unless its very nude. The red eyeliner that I’m wearing today is the NYX vivid bright in Vivid fire.


– The give away comes in two different packages. One is ”Nude & Sparkly” and the other is ”Bright & Glowy”.
– Choose wisely which one fits you better
– Comment your choice under my latest post & tag 2 friends
– U can enter as many times as you want but always tag 2 new friends
– The give away is WORLDWIDE so everyone can enter, guys can also join for their girlfriends or sisters or themselves!
– GIVE AWAY ENDS WEDNESDAY THE 20th 18:00 DUTCH TIME. Winners will be announced in the post and connected via DM. If you do not response within 24 Hours a new winner will be picked! GOODLUCK XXX

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