ub40 – red red wine #swatchthis

June 17, 2018

This song is one of my fave’s. Have been playing it forever and recently added it to my 2018 playlist. This song came to my head because me and my photographer Marco shot this Swatch campaign at this cool red wall. I drive pass this wall almost everyday and somehow I thought man, I really need to shoot here sometime. Marco literally lives around the corner so the decision was made quite easy. We shot this swatch watch with one of my fave tracksuits from The ragged priest (Thank you Footasylum!!). Of course I needed the perfect sneaker match and so I grabbed my Air Max 98 gundams. This colour way is super sick and it was the perfect combination. I also got a hair-cut that day so even though the outfit is very boy-ish, the hair cut and make-up makes it feminine again, and this is exactly the way I like to wear my stuff. Marco and I are shooting 3 different looks for this campaign and we already shot the second one. You might have seen this already on my Instagram-story! Anyways I’ll link the items down below for you. (Shoes are not available anymore since its a older release, you can maybe try market places or Ebay!)

For the fitting of the tracksuit, I’m wearing a XS and the bottoms fit quite oversized at the knee-part. But I would say true to size unless ur 1.60 like me hi-hi.

Watch [here]
Tracksuit pants [here]
Tracksuit jacket [here]




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