One star hotel by Converse / London traveldiary

February 17, 2018

This weekend I was invited to go on an adventure with Converse for the launch of their One star hotel in London, Shoreditch. With several influencers and editors we were allowed to take a first look at the one star hotel and experience the whole thing. The hotel is divided into different rooms each with its own theme, each room representing something different painted in several different colours. There are workshops, rooms where you can chill and work, see a London Fashion Week collection presentation from London based designer Mimi Wade, and visit a ”Laundry room” where you can do a t-shirt screen printing with Paria Farzaneh. Thursday we were allowed to take a first look, and on Friday and Saturday it is open to the public. You can also buy some various releases, and there is even a re-stock of certain drops that were already sold out. You can get your pair signed by the artist itself. At night, Converse delivers shambolic Shoreditch in “The Laundry Room” a two-night-only exclusive nightlife experience featuring some of London’s hottest DJ’s and global musical acts including Princess Nokia, IAMDDB, Slowthai, HYUKOH, Siobhan Bell, Bossy Ldn Skinny Macho and more. I’ve been to a loooot of events, but this is by far the best event I’ve been to. Everything is arranged so well, and the whole design of the hotel was just amazing. Also the people here have been so nice to me. Thank you Converse for this new adventure, I have had the best time ever!!!

The One Star Hotel located at 155 New N Rd Hoxton, London N1 6TA and will be open to the public on February 16-17, 2018 from 12 – 6pm & 8pm – Late.


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