4 days of Hong Kong 香港 – Travel Diary

December 29, 2017

It’s finally here! My Hong Kong blogpost! I’m so so sorry for the long wait, it already has been 3 weeks since I’m back in Rotterdam pff. I know time flies by so fucking fast! It took me some time cause the holidays were coming up, I had loads of other work that I needed to finish too but anyways, its here : ) Many many people wanted to know what I was up to in Hong Kong, and only for 4 days.. I know it was a very short trip but I enjoyed till the fullest! Thomas, Milan and I were invited for a photoshoot on the other side of the world. Thomas is a youtuber/vlogger and Milan is a model and vlogger as well. Milan and I met once before during a Wrangler shoot, here we had to take a picture together so it was only nice that we could do that again! Thomas I had never met, but he has a smooth chat like me so that went all pretty easy. Thomas and Milan were already friends, but as always I am one of the guys and we laughed a lot and did a lot together. We had already received a planning and callsheet stating that we only had one day for ourselves. Of course I had already looked up some locations to shoot, and I really wanted to go to the bathing ape store.

Thomas made a Hong Kong vlog (In Dutch) but still go check it out [here] to get a better impression!

6/12 (flight to HK) 7/12 arrived in HK
I thought the flight was okay, the food was not good (but I never like the food in the airplanes). We had a switch in France and I slept the entire flight! We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Mong Kok (Kowloon). This was about 30 minutes by taxi from the airport and cost us about 30 euros. A tip that I would like to give is that you also have to write the English addresses in Chinese, many taxi drivers do not read English. We arrived in the evening, so it was more convenient for us to stay in the area around the hotel. We went out to eat something in a kind of shopping mall next to Langham Place. We also visited the Ladies Market. I personally find it great to sniff between cheap things. Walking through the market, in particular, was somehow very peaceful (even though it was SUPER busy). On the market I bought small souvenirs for my mom and my friends. It is of course all very cheap, but you can make it even cheaper than it is, you just offer lower than the price, and often they agree with it too! I had an amazing view from my hotel room. The hotel we stayed in was a pretty nice hotel. Breakfast was nice and we even got our tea-to-go in the mornings.

8/12 our only free day in HK
The only place I really wanted to visit was Choi hung estate. Choi Hung Estate is one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong. It is located in the Wong Tai Sin District of Kowloon. Here I really wanted to shoot photos, so we took a taxi from the hotel which took us about 15 minutes. Here I think I paid around 6 euros so it was not that bad. It is just as beautiful as it really is, and not as busy as I thought it would be. Hong Kong is really beautiful !!! All buildings are super big, high and colorful and I saw all these cute places where I wanted to take pictures. Unfortunately, we had only one day, and I was invited by the Hypebae team to visit their Hypebeast office, so I had to leave after this location for lunch with the girls. The Hypebeast office was still quite difficult to find and was completely on the other side of the bridge so that was about 20 minutes by taxi. When I found the office, Milan and Thomas went back to the other side to continue shooting. We were supposed to meet again after my hypebae lunch, but neither of us had Wi-Fi haha. It was pretty hard to keep in touch. I got myself a taxi to the Bathing Ape store, and I had been strolling here all afternoon and evening on my own. I managed to score quite a few things at the Bape store, and also made some friends! I visited SASA which is a very big beauty store. I had lost my way later in the evening and got a bit panicked. I have a kind of fear of traveling alone and being alone in a big city that I do not know so I searched a place where I got Wi-Fi so I could take the subway back to Mong Kok. For some reason I couldn’t find ANY taxi’s that wanted to bring me back to the other side (you have to cross a bridge when you want to go from Mong Kok to Hong Kong City) so I decided to take the subway to Fa Yuen Street which is a street full with Sneaker shops and street style stuff. Back in Mong Kok I finally found my way back to the hotel. Everything looks quite the same but once you’ve seen it a couple of times, its easy to find.

9/12 photoshoot with Wrangler
We had a photoshoot in the morning with Wrangler. the shoot took place in Mong Kok, actually just in the area around our hotel. We thought this was great, because we had actually only seen Mong Kok on the night when we had landed (and this was in the evening when it was dark). We have entered different markets, and have seen many different streets. We were finished at the end of the afternoon, and then went even further to visit buildings in Mong Kok. In the evening we went to eat at Yardbird (really recommended!!) and watch a light show (which ultimately did not represent anything haha). After dinner at Yardbird I went back to the hotel, while Milan and Thomas went to the club for some drinks! I was really tired and slightly tipsy from whatever I was drinking at Yardbird haha. It really sounds like we didn’t do a lot or didn’t see a lot of things but we actually walked so much during the day! And we took a cab everywhere so the sight from the taxi was stunning as well. On the 10th was our flight back to Amsterdam. I felt sooooo sad when I had to leave. Hong Kong is such an Amazing and pretty city. I really want to go back soon cause it really feels like home for some reason? Besides that, this was my first time in Asia ever, so it was a really special trip for me and exactly what I needed on the right time.

Some dislikes I wanted to share
I am not a big meat eater. There has been a time when I did not eat meat at all, but I started eating chicken again a while ago. Yet I do not always feel 100% comfortable with eating chicken, and I try to eat it only when I really feel like it, or when I go out for dinner, for example. It was quite difficult for me to eat in Hong Kong because there was a lot of pork, fish and duck (duck is not chicken guys, its not). A lot of meat also hung outside on wires or was slaughtered or cut in front of our nose, which made me sick all day and had no appetite for food. I have not eaten well at all these four days. I also found the air very dirty. It smelt like fried food and meat everywhere, and since the air is already dirty enough it also lingers between all the buildings and my body had to get used to it. Furthermore, I actually have nothing to complain about Hong Kong. If you are vegetarian, I wish you all the best, cause seeing at that meat made me feel really uncomfortable and sad.































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