The shoe surgeon x Farfetch event in London

November 27, 2017

Hi y’all! I should have posted this way earlier but I’ve been so busy with sneakerness in Rotterdam this weekend (more on this later on the blog). I finally got the time today to edit all the pictures and write a nice little story about this event in London. People were asking me all the time what I’ve been up to while being in the UK so, I’ve been invited to a event in London with Farfetch in collab with The shoe surgeon. He has been customising sneakers for a long time, and together with 29 other influencers/sneaker lovers worldwide, it was time to create our own. I chose for a alexander mcqueen oversized sneaker cause its my fave designer sneaker.

There were 3 long tables with leather pieces, ropes, scissors, stickers, all sorts of things to customise your shoes with. My friend Sanne did a nice job on her kicks, she actually cut holes in it to add some fringes. I’m a pussy cause I didn’t want any scissors nearby my deadstock Alexander Mcqueens. I think I’m not made to cut holes in shoes lol. Painting them would be easier, but cutting them… aaaah I just love shoes too much to do that. Think I need to grow some balls. Buttttt I think I was very creative cause even though I didn’t cut any holes in them, I did used my measuring tape to create laces. I was the only one that used my measuring tape in a creative way so yeah boiiiii. Find the pictures below to see what they looked like before and after! Thank you so much Farfetch for everything. I had a amazing time, met some great people and made a pair of my own customer babies!
















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