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Write a prisoner / UPDATE #3

November 2, 2017

I haven’t posted a update in a while. But since loads of people keep asking if I still write with prisoners, I decided to do a lil update on this. So here is update number 3! 10th of August was my birthday. Right after my birthday I got a letter from my friend E. he wrote me a happy birthday letter which was really sweet and thoughtful. He wrote me this very long 4 page letter with all kids of questions.

Some very personal, some not, but always fun to answer. As most people know, I’m an open book. You can ask me literally anything cause I don’t have any secrets. I have been sharing my feelings and emotions ever since I started blogging so people get to know me a little better. Same goes for my letters, I open up to these people, and they do the same. The only thing I still havent done yet is send them a picture of me.

The thing is, I still don’t use my real name. Noa is my second name, and I use the name Noaa in all my letters. If you want to know why, make sure you read my first post [here]. My friend E. is getting out somewhere in December, and we promised to keep in touch. A skype session is coming and I’m quite nervous about that, cause 1. He doesn’t know what I look like, all I send him was a drawing of me. 2. I don’t know how he looks like either but that doesn’t really matter at all. and 3. We have been talking through letters since march which is a pretty long time now. The letter I’ve send him in August apparently got lost cause yesterday I got a new one in from him asking me if everything was okay and if I got his letter. I did got his letter but he didn’t got mine so thats why I send him a new one today. Its his birthday in November which makes him a Scorpio. I bought him a birthday card cause thats actually the only thing I’m aloud to send him. I promised him to send him a real present when he gets out. He has been stuck in prison for 10 years now which is a REALLY long time. He probably missed out on literally everything and I guess thats also the reason he asks me all sorta questions.

I also write with my friend S. Who I haven’t heard of since July. I was the one who send out the last letter so I’m gonna send him another one. This friend has a lifetime sentence which means he doesn’t get out of prison at all. 

Writing these people is really interesting cause you connect with people on a different level. You talk about stuff you normally forget about and you appreciate life much more. Imagine being stuck in prison at the age of 18 until forever. I’m such a outgoing girl, I love to go out to the club with my friends, I love being around my family, traveling is one of my addictions. To give that all up would be horrible. These people don’t know much better cause they have been stuck for years. The fact that they are both very positive people is something I really admire. Being at rock bottom but still want to enjoy everything as much as you can is something everyone should do.

I’m now waiting for their response and keep you guys updated once I get letters back! I’m thinking about writing a new person since E. is almost getting out. Have you guys ever thought of writing someone in prison?

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