My new haircut / Kinki Kappers for Charity

August 19, 2017

Since most people know that I regularly keep a new haircut, I decided to regularly write something on my blog about it. I’ve been cutting my hair at Kinki Hairdressers for a number of months now. I’ve also cut a lot more times at Kinki before, but lately I have a favourite location and the same hairdresser that always cuts my hair. It’s always loads of laughter and fun!


Kinki Kappers has organized a special evening for the KWF charity this time to create awareness for Cancer. Cancer is a terrible disease that many people have to face in daily life. Kinki hairdressers finds it important to contribute to society in their own way and therefore they are collecting money for the charity to support KWF! Customers decide how much they want to pay for their hairstyle and the money is 100% for the KWF. The beautiful thing is that a total of 60 hairdressers will voluntarily cut into 5 cities in the Netherlands. All this on August 26th, which I will join myself! Obviously, find me at the Kinki Kappers Zwartjanstraat in Rotterdam. The location I always come to cut my hair. Its from 18:00 untill 24:00 and make sure to bring all your friends!

Link to the event [here]


More about my haircut and colour: So I’ve been cutting my hair at Zwartjanstraat Rotterdam, and the girl who cuts my hair is Giny. Yes yes we share the same name. She’s super fun and sweet. I had no idea how I wanted to cut my hair this time. I actually wanted it to be very very short. But I last minute decided to cut it shorter but longer then last time. The time before this cut we shaved the back, and this time we didn’t. I just let Giny do her own thing cause I know it will always look good! I also got a new hair colour which is Mocca Brown (slightly darker then what I had). I looove this cut and its just very refreshing to have my hair short once in a while. It was getting way too long again!

If you want to read more about my hair and all my hairstyles click [here]





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