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storage box & tips how to store sneakers

July 13, 2017

Sup guys! I wanted to write something about my little sneaker wall and how I store my sneakers in my room. I have a small room to be honest, I can’t even fit a big bed in here cause it will take up all the space I need for taking pictures, and closets to open.

My big closet takes up the most space so thats one of the reasons I wanted to store the sneakers on my wall. As you may have noticed I have 4 white shelves on my wall. I can put exactly 6 pair of shoes on every shell (24 sneakers in total). My shelves are white and I have had them ever since I was 12 so I can’t remember where they are from but I guess Ikea (everything in my room comes from Ikea lol)


Find some similar shelves or options below:
Black shelves Ikea [here]
Open closet white ikea [here]
Open storage closet wood Ikea [here]
Shoe organizer white [here]


Today I bought this clear storage box where I can put 5 pair of shoes in. The reason I bought this one is because it fits right under my bed. 5 boxes under my bed which is already 25 pair of shoes! These boxes are especially made for under your bed and they have tiny wheels so its easy to roll them out when you need a pair.  TIP: Store them like I did in the picture with the soles to each other. This way your dirty shoes will never touch the other pairs.

Get similar storage boxes [here] or [here]


Another way I store up my shoes are in the original boxes. Some pairs like my Alexander Mc queens were very expensive and so I want to keep them in the dust bag with the original box. Same goes with pairs I don’t wear a lot. Or older vintage nike Airmax and Jordans. I keep them in their original box stacked right behind my door so it doesn’t look like a mess. (I actually hate it when you see the shoe boxes in my room, I have slightly OCD and can’t stand the different shapes and colours of the boxes haha) I keep some pairs like my vans and racers out of the boxes because I wear my vans during work as a bartender and my racers for a quick run every night.


So the most asked question. How many pairs do I own? To be honest I never count. It makes me feel bad knowing I have so many shoes that I can’t wear most of the time. Lets say around 50-60 pairs. I have another 10-15 pairs stacked in a second room. I wear my vans and puma creepers the most cause they are easy to match with anything and easy to put on and off. If you want to know what I have on my shelves I will tell you from top to bottom shelve left to right.

1st shell (most top shell): Nike air vintage outburst – Nike Air max hyperfuse ID – Nike Airforce nikelab black – Nike mayfly – Converse x Comme des garçons play – Converse x Comme des garçons play dots.
2nd shell: Reebok classic pink – Reebok classic white – K-swiss platforms white – Nike Airforce high vachetta tan – Nike Airforce Jewel – Nike TN.
3th shell: Puma suede classic bow – Puma creeper suede black – Puma creeper white leather – Puma creeper tan – Puma creeper white gum sole – Puma creeper pink/green.
4th shell: Nike Airmax one purple denim – Nike Airmax one morning glory – Nike Airmax one BRS – Nike Airmax 90 Hyperfuse – Nike Airmax one Jewel – Nike Airmax 97 Silver bullet.


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