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Write a prisoner: Update #2

April 19, 2017

YAY! I got my second letter in today. I can’t explain how happy and exciting I felt. I came home, tired from work, hungry too, but I literally forgot that I (still) need to eat dinner cause I couldn’t wait to open and read my letter. I’m writing to S, E and G. 3 guys located in the U.S.A. E was actually a surprise, I wrote to somebody else, but since that person received too many letters, he gave my letter to his friend E. They all sound like really nice and polite people, E wrote me the longest letter ever, 3 pages with both sides full of questions and stories. I got my second letter in today from S a very adventurous guy from Long beach, he got arrested when he was 16, he is now in his late 30’s . I havent wrote G back, because he prefers e-mail so he can respond quicker, haven’t been able yet to sort out how that works to be honest, going to do that right after this blogpost, G sounds like a really smart and friendly guy. S and E  are not able to use e-mail, so thats why we respond through letters. It took 19 days for S his letter to be here, so you have to have a little patience (which is hard, (I always ask my mom if there is mail for me). But its also nice that it takes a little long, thats when you have so much to tell them! So I’m going to show you what they respond to my first letter and what I responded to their first letter.


NOTE: These are just little parts from their letters. Their letters were very long and private/special to me, so can’t post a whole letter.

S his first letter:
”Your letter was a welcome surprise. It’s nice to meet you (well kind of meet you anyway). First I want to thank you for taking a chance & writing. I imagine it could be kinda awkward writing someone you don’t know, especially considering the circumstances. Growing up I enjoyed surfing and camping & hiking, that’s where the love of the outdoors come from.”

E his first letter:
”Hi, it’s very nice to meet you. I know you are expecting a letter from my friend A, he did get your letter, but he has received so many letters from his pen-pal website that he is overwhelmed and could never write them all back. You wrote such a nice letter and seem like a great person get to know, so he asked me if I would be interested in writing you. I hope this is okay =) Have you ever been to Colorado?”

G his first letter:
”Dear, I hope you get this letter, because I would love to be a friend to you. It would be a blessing for sure. I was kind of confused with the address so I hope that it gets there and that you write back. I must say that you are very impressive with all of your three jobs. Thats whats up! You grind hard and I think that you should be proud of yourself for having that work ethic. It lacks in so many young people of the world these days.”

My letter back to E:
”Dear E, I got your letter today which was really surprising. Of course I don’t mind you writing me, and it’s good to know people are writing A back. I just finished reading your letter with a nice cup of tea. I’m also going to the post office today so I wanted to write one back asap so you receive this probably next week. First of all, I love your handwriting haha. Anyways, I’ve never been to Colorado, never thought of it too, but thats maybe because European people only visit Los angeles, Miami and New York. My mom is from Indonesia, would love to visit her birthplace soonish.”


I actually lost my first letter to the prisoners, but I mainly introduced myself, where I live, what I do, and a bit about my life and my family and friends. I told them what places I would love to visit and asked them about theirs. I also asked them how a ”normal” day looked like over there in prison, and if they work or prison, and what their fave music is. All kinds of random things. Remember that almost all of these people (I think all of them) NEVER been out of the U.S.A so telling them about your country sounds super interesting for them! If you have any other questions please ask me!! I will update you soon if I get the second letters from E and G!

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