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14 going on 24

April 15, 2017

I’ll be turning 25 this year, possibly though a quarter of my exciting life. Difficult to realize that I have seen so much in all these years, and that there is still much that remains to be seen. 3 failed relationships, studied more than eight years long and graduated 3 times, been in Los Angeles for 3 times, had nine different jobs, more laughs than cries and more stress than I could ever imagine. Life is great when you receive your paycheck, but when it’s gone within 10 minutes, you obviously do not have much to celebrate. A house search is still quite a mission, and do I actually want to live together? Questions keep messing with my head and I don’t think I’m the only one affected. Half of my friends have children, while my socks often play hide and seek in the washing machine. I still forget my keys at home when I leave the house, and I drive down the freeway with a empty tank and phone on a daily base. My head is confused, a walking agenda that occasionally misses some pages. Do you recognize my story already? Or is your life so perfect that you had everything planned out 10 years ago? Well, I don’t believe you.

My last concern is a summer body, loads of people are so busy with looking good while I step out of my bed looking like a ratchet pigeon who just fought over the last potato wedge on the street. My biggest concern is where do I see myself in three years, and where do I want to live? I’m addicted to traveling and meeting new challenges. Everything gets boring quickly for me. That’s why I’m in a relationship with someone who constantly has fun with me, we love traveling and new places, and finding cheap tickets has become a new mission. While I keep so busy dealing with leaving town, I often forget that I have to stay for my fixed income, my home base, family and friends.

I remember like it was yesterday that I had just turned 14, was not allowed to go out and wished I was 10 years older. That being said I don’t fully regret those words, I’m finally the person I should be now. Yet, I would love to be 14 years again, without worries, no work, no stress, no friends and no empty tank.

Picture made by: @maqqeau

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