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Happy Nike Air Max day: 26 sneaker chicks on 26/3

March 26, 2017

Very excited to present you this little project for Air Max day. I have asked 26 of my favourite sneaker chicks what their all-time favourite Air Max is. They will show you how they styled them up, and tell you a lil story behind their greatest love. 26 ladies, because today is the 26th of march which is official Air Max Day! I love the fact that I have so much in common with all of these ladies, we all love sneakers of course , we all love to wear the shit out of them, you rarely (or never lol) see us on heels, we are addicted to the feeling of buying new sneakers and last but not least, we empower each other to show the world a different side of the footwear branch. I have been asked SO many times what my favourite sneaker is. And that happens to be a Air Max one too. But today its not about me, meet these 26 lovely sneaker heads from all across the world!

PS: Don’t forget to use #MYSNEAKERMATCH in your sneaker shots, love to see everyone around the world mix and match their sneakers!

1. Kitty Cowell A.K.A @kittycowell – United Kingdom
These ”Nike Air Max 1 Ultra London” from the Look of the City Pack 2015 have to be one of my favourite pairs of Air Max because they represent my city. They were also a present from Nike to me and are a Quick Strike, so super hard to get and very well made!

2. Dea A.K.A @objctve – Germany
”Nike Air Max Plus Premium TN light Bone” cause I love the matching between the graceful colourway on the upper and the silhouette, which I associate with the streets and urban lifestyle. For women, it does not always have to be a total feminine silhouette. With this Air Max you definitely set yourself apart from the stereotypical idea of a shoe on a women’s foot.

3. Klaudia Szczukocka A.K.A @igklaudia – Poland
”Nike Air Max 95 x Parra The Running Man”. I had a hard time choosing my favourite pair of Air max. Why ‘Parras’? You gotta love the colour combination. I think pink was crucial here. Nike Air Max 95 is also one my favourite silhouettes and the collaboration with Parra is a very sought after pair. I love all the details designed by the Dutch artist. The tongue, insoles, and soles all together make them a very special release. To top it all off, I got them pretty worn out, so I restored them by myself, which makes them even more valuable to me. (shot by @michalzachwieja)

4. Ekofo Leslie A.K.A @lesliesaycheese – Montreal
I have loads of old school Nike’s that I love such as the “Nike Air Max 180”, the “Nike Air Flow” or the “Nike Air Icarus” from 1991, And even though it’s too difficult to make a choice, I have a special love for the “Air max One x Liberty collection”. This pair from 2014 is my favourite. I bought my first pair at the Fresh store in Belgium in 2012. The thing I like the most is wearing sneakers with a feminine touch. I constantly fall in love with the different floral patterns, the premium materials such as leather, linen, suede, mesh and last but not least, the orange air bubble in the sole.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset 5. Celine Freudenau A.K.A @Celinefreudenau – The Netherlands
”Nike Air Max 1 ID PRM Pink/Beige”. I love this sneaker so much because of the bright pink color, it looks perfect under a all black outfit. I like the fact that the gum sole matches the upper part of the Air max. The materials are straight on point, this matte leather gives this pair a special look and the gold lace tips are the finishing touch of this sneaker!

6. Louise Boulet A.K.A @_crossedfingers  – France
When Ginney asked me about my favourite pair of air max, I didn’t hesitate at all. I’ve bought this pair last year  when it came out, and ever since that day I wished I could wear it everyday! (I actually could yeah, but I need to spread my love to all of my pairs ahah). This is my first pair of Air max 95, and it made me adore this model so much! I like the fact that the shape is big, the colours, the details, with the little dots, the big sole, the air bubble, the Air Max logo on the top, I just really love this sneaker from the sole all the way to the laces.

7. Jane Kiseleva A.K.A @janekiseleva – United Kingdom
Favourite Air Max, The ”PHANTACi x Nike Air Max 1 Grand Piano”. Love that pair the most, because of the colour way and the materials. It looks very clean and interesting at the same time. And come on, show me a girl that doesn’t like a black and white pair of Air Max with a touch of bright pink! It was also really hard to find a DS pair in a small size, but this time I got lucky!

8. Angelica Estudillo A.K.A @theliveitup – Spain
One of my all time favourite pairs of Air Max 95’s, The ”Air Max 95 Neon”. Also the dopest colourway in my opinion. I always wanted these when I was younger, but somehow always seemed to miss out. I think what makes this sneaker so successful is its image and confidence. For the first time, a model was mostly distinguished due to its color. We could even say that some remember its electric green more than the famous full-length air. Regardless of all, the combination of these elements is what made this shoe beyond expectation.

9. Shelly A.K.A @poloshelly – Australia
My favourite Air Max, the ”Air Max 95 grape” from 2010.  I’ve worn these every Air Max day ever since I got my hands on them. When it comes to Air max, my to go sneaker has always been the 95’s. They suit my personality and style. This pair is my favourite because of the cute purple tongue and zebra lace. They remind me of the Grape Jordan V’s! The teal bubbles of trouble keep me ready for anything too! (shot by @thomb_)

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 22.52.27
10. Amen A.K.A @onyka_ – France
My favourite pair of Air Max is the ”Nike Air Max white/gold”. I really appreciate this pair of sneakers for the materials, the undetectable silhouette and particularly because of the retro side!

11. Nawel Anm A.K.A @nawellleee – France
I have chosen the ”Air Max 97 white/midnight navy” cause I love the Air Max 97 in general. I am in love with this colour way cause we don’t see it everywhere. This sneaker is very easy to wear, comfortable. It’s just the perfect sneaker for me!

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 01.28.4512. Rafaella Vanni A.K.A @rafaellavanni – Brazil
Why do I love these ”Nike Air Max one OG red”? Although I just had bought the AM1, the anniversary edition is my favourite one because of his silhouette and the OG colour way. You can’t go wrong with this model. (shot by @monkeywings)

13. Jeanne Santali A.K.A @viewmore – Switzerland
”Air max plus morning glory”. Im literally in love with this air max plus ever since I saw them years ago. The Air max plus is one of my favourite models when it comes to Air Max. I love it for the pink colours and the materials on this sneaker are on point. I can’t stop rocking them even when need to, because the sole is going to crack soon, and I won’t be able to wear them!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 22.59.43
14. Pauline A.K.A @curlypaups – France
”Nike Air max one patch sand” I love this Air Max patch for the “nude” color and the beautiful shape it has! It’s certainly my favourite Air Max one 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 21.37.1515. Marion Poca A.K.A @marionpocasneakers – France
My fave Air Max is the ”Nike Air max 180 Sole Collector Cowboy” I’m happy with this pair because I found my size and number 1. I love the materials, the colour way and the package! I love a lot of sneakers. The Air max is just very comfortable. I work in my sneakers and most of the time I wear Nike Air max! I also associate my outfits with the colour way. I bought my first Air max in 2000 and ever since then I but the models which I dream about!


16. Barbara Giry A.K.A @baryabara – France
”Air Max 97 gold/white”. This is my real first pair of sneakers that I consider as “heat”. I love them so much! I know that I’ll keep them for a very long time because I am used to wear full black clothes everyday, so this pair brings some fantasy and light to my outfit. In general, I love the silhouette and the shape of the Air Max 97. They are particular but very original and (personally) I think that this is the most feminine pair of Air Max. According to me all the Air Max 97 have something special. When there is the combination white x an other colour, it always works. This one with its gold&white colour way is simply amazing. When I post a picture of me wearing them on Instagram, I usually receive a lot of private messages asking “hey! are you selling them?” and I always respond the same: ”absolutely not”. Thats my favourite thing about it. I am glad to see some colour ways of the Air Max 97 reintroduced this year and I hope to grab them all.

17. Camille A.K.A @Vavoirhigher – France
The ”Nike Plus Satin Pack QS Enamel Green” are my fave Air Max because they remind me of when I was a teen, around 10/13 years ago. At this time, these sneakers were super popular. But quickly they became associated with the road man… In France we gave them a nickname ”Les requins” which means ”Sharks”. Everybody here calls them like that. I think it’s because of their look, Hyper graphic, strong and a little bit aggressive. And the colour MINT, I love it! It matches perfectly with an all black outfit and for summer with a nice tan, just Wonderfull!

18. Francia Tardieu A.K.A @francia_t – France
I love the ”Nike Air max 1 Pinstripe” from 2009. I was lucky to find them on a famous British marketplace 2 years ago and I immediately fell in love with them. Some details make these sneakers so stunning to me, such as the vintage Nike branding on the heel, the blue pinstriped materials and the gum outsole. Perfect for sunny days!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 23.07.5319. Jess Gavigan A.K.A @juicegee – United Kingdom
I love these ”Nike Air Max 97 Valentine” because 97’s are one of my top 3 silhouettes, I love the full sole air unit. I love the fact they’re 3M because things that glow in the dark make me happy haha and also I’m such a geek, I love details. If you look close at what looks like polkadots you’ll see they’re actually hearts which really suits the valentine theme! They’re a classic!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 22.12.1620. Abby A.K.A @afterabby – California, USA
My favourite Air Max is the ”Nike Air Max 95 in Bamboo/Bronze”. Why it’s my favourite Air Max (I own)? I love neutrals, and with its earthy and warm tones, this pair goes with everything in my closet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 23.20.4821. Martha Leeming A.K.A @marthaj.l – United Kingdom
My Favourite Nike Air Max are the TNs. Especially the ”Nike Air Max Plus Satin Pack QS Enamel Green” in fact, I own two colour ways. The reason I love these sneakers so much, is how the style is so retro, and chunky, but made feminine with the colour and the fabric. The mint green is the perfect colour for spring and summer and the other cream pair I own match virtually anything.

22. Yani Fish A.K.A @yanildn – United Kingdom
”Nike Air Stab Size? x Dave White”. I love the Air Stab because it’s that Neon 95 colour way, the tonal ‘Air Stab’ and those AMAZING laces. They were a grail of mine until a very good friend found them at an outlet (WHAAAT) and picked them up for me (I nearly cried)!

23. Anna Böcker/Anni Bolika A.K.A Llifeisapigsty  – Germany
It has been a hard choice though I think my favourite Air Max in my collection is still the ”Air Max 1 Pink Pack”. The best thing about this sneaker is the colour way. I’m totally in love with the neon pink details on a very simple color way, perfect classic for every girl! Also I’m a fan of the mesh upper and the old AM 1 Shape of course. I think Nike already did a good job this year in bringing the shape back

24. Dewi Grootenboer A.K.A @dewi.s.a – The Netherlands
My love for sneakers (and Air Max) started in 2012 when I saw pictures of the Nike Air Max 1 OG Blue. I immediately wanted to have them, but since I didn’t had a lot of knowledge of the sneaker market, and I also didn’t have a lot of money because I was still too young to work at that time, I gave up. In the upcoming years I started to get more and more knowledge of different kind of sneakers and I bought my first Air Max which were the Air Max 90 Infrared. Through the years I still had no luck to get my love on first sight OG Blue’s until the colour way dropped in a GS size in 2015. I was kinda devastated because the materials and quality wasn’t as the OG ones. But this month I got really lucky and managed to get a pair of OG Blue’s! They are definitely my favourite sneakers, and always will be since my love for sneakers started with these.

25. Dionne Hélène  A.K.A @dionne_helene – United Kingdom
My current favourite Air Max is the ”Stussy X Nike AM 95”. As an adult that has been into streetwear on some level, for at least the last 15 years, I can say that Stussy is a brand that has grown up with me. I love that as a brand they have retained their individuality, and have managed to keep churning out the fire after all this time! In addition to that, the 95 is a silhouette that my mum used to love, so for me, it’s a little bit nostalgic too.

26. Natalia Infantes Cortes A.K.A Natalia__Infantes – Spain
One of my passions is collecting sneakers. I’ve been collecting since a few years, one of my favourite sneakers is my latest pickup, the ”Air Max one Master”. It’s a sneaker with a history of important Air Max’s like the Air Max Parra, Patta, Albert Heijn, Kid Robot etc. Overal, Nike is just one of my favourite brands.

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