Drake ”boy meets world tour”

March 6, 2017

I havent been to a concert in a while, actually the last time I can remember was the Justin Timberlake concert 3 years ago?! I have seen N*E*R*D multiply times, Jay-z and Kanye and a few more. I have always wanted to see Drake but tickets are so expensive now a days! I kinda forgot about the concert, I already missed him before but luckily I had the chance to see him last week in Amsterdam with my Imaginebykim crew (thank you Baggi!). It was a fun trip, we had some fastfood first and then hopped over to Amsterdam to see Drake with the whole crew. Me and my friend May were standing a little closer then the rest cause we were so tiny. Drake had all these bowls of light hanging above us that moved with each song in different kinds of colours. It was so nice to see! I┬átotally forgot I took my camera with me that day so I still have some nice shots I wanted to show you. I was super excited when he did a lot of songs I could actually sing/rap haha. Its nice to go to a concert and scream all the way with the sound. From ”The motto” to ”Controlla”, all the way back to ”Marvins room” and of course ”Hotline Bling” and ”One Dance”. Typical songs I used to listen to all day. What is your latest concert? Have you been to Drake this year?

Loads of love,
Ginney Noa









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