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February 2, 2017

Are you such a sucker at buying gifts for your lover? Don’t worry me too. I have the ultimate what-to-buy list for you. The typical chocolate, bear and roses are so 2002. I don’t celebrate Valentines day myself. Cause it’s Valentines day for me every day, but I know loads of people do love to gift their partner something sweet. Big or small, I have some good options for you.


The perfect weekday sweater [shop hawk hoodie]
It’s still cold, well at least here in The Netherlands it still is. And what better then to gift him a basic but good looking sweater. It’s a oversized model and comes in various colours such as Grey, Black, Red, Beige, Yellow, Pink etc. I own one in black┬ácause I kept on wearing my boyfriend his sweater. So it’s actually good for both, Just buy it, so you can steal it.

Always happy with happy socks [shop valentines socks]
Can’t go wrong with some cute pair of socks though they even have valentines edition boxes say whuuuuut.

Buy him a new game [shop games]
My boyfriend plays games. I don’t really mind, to be honest I think its kinda attractive. I always watch him play games, and last week I even tried it myself (he plays overwatch by the way). I know I make him happy by buying him a new game. Ultimate wifey goals.

Take him out for dinner to his fave restaurant
Guys like to eat. I don’t think he doesn’t even care where you take him out for dinner. Just give him some good food, and some extra kisses too.

A pair of classic vans [shop vans]
High or Low, they are both dope. I personally think every guy needs to own a pair of black classic vans. They match with everything. And they are not too expensive. If he doesn’t like vans, then go for a Converse 70.

Surprise him with a cozy on-the-couch date [shop sexy pyjamas]
If you don’t want to go somewhere else, make sure to turn your own place into something cozy. Watch a good movie, get some snacks and order a pizza. Snuggle up in your most sexy pyjamas and you will have a great evening. (Unless he falls asleep)

Give him a good book [shop books]
Reading is good for you, and even if he may not read, let him try to read. Enough fun books to at least try. From a cookbook to a Drake colouring book. Urban outfitters had loads for you.

Let him wear underwear YOU like [shop boxers]
My guy wears boring black or grey. Would love to see him wearing something funny with cute puppy’s on it. Or make him extremely awkward with your own picture on it. It’s creepy yet funny.

The scratch map [shop scratch map]
Planning on going on holidays soon? Or want to take over the world by traveling together? Give him a scratch map to scratch all your or his favourite places he has ever been. You can save money together for the next trip and pin places you want to visit together.

This amazing chips ”ooma” bowl [shop bowl]
You can use it for a lot. Guys like to snack right? This is the perfect bowl to keep your dip and chips separate. You can also easily grab it with one hand. How bout dat?


Her favourite lipstick [shop ruby woo lipstick]
Most girls love lipstick. You can’t go wrong with a nice red colour. How about Mac ”Ruby Woo” or ”D for Danger”. Just ask the girl working at Mac for some help and she will show you the way! I have both colours and love them equally.

What I love about you book [shop book here]
I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. It’s corny but he really appreciated it. I filled in funny things, to make it not too corny. You can change sentences and write your own. 50 ways to tell her why you love her. Well if that isn’t great.

Get her some Agent Provocateur [shop here]
It’s not the most cheapest thing ever. But definitely the most sexy thing ever. If you don’t care about how wifey looks in some great underwear then you need to check your eyes. Cause this, this is heaven for girls AND guys. A tip: check her sizes so make sure you order the right one, she will be forever grateful.

Let her hair shine [shop kerastraight products]
I love my products from Kerastraight. Ofcourse you guys have no idea what it is so read my post [here] to see what it’s all about. You can gift her one or two products and make her hair shiny, healthy and smell good!

A fase mask after a long week [shop Lush mask]
Lush is always a good idea when it come’s so small presents. You can never go wrong with Lush products since they are hand made with love, freshly made for you, not tested on animals, and all with good ingredients. You can always ask a customer for help in store cause they have loads of different masks for different skin type’s. The one I have linked is good for every skin type so you don’t have to think about it at all.

A pair of floral trousers [shop trousers]
I have these myself, to lounge in, and to wear outside with sneakers. And if you don’t like to see your girl leaving the house in short skirts, you can always drag her back inside to change clothes for something more comfy yet good looking. (I swear a size small)

The perfect weekday sweater [shop girls edition]
Easy to wear, easy to match, easy to cop. This sweater is the womens edition of the one I posted at the men section above. Its super comfy yet stylish.

Keep her warm with the mermaid blanket [shop here]
well yeah, do I need to say more?

Get her scented candles to relax [shop here]
I think I can easily tell you that I’m kinda addicted to scented candles. They are good for everything. After she cooked for you (or you for her). After walking out of the shower into your room, before you go to bed or when you wake up. It’s always nice to sleep in a bedroom that smells amazing. You can also buy scented candles at H&M, Rituals, Ikea etc.

Glitter socks to complete the look [shop Cos socks]
I got the glitter socks myself for christmas and they are amazingly cute. I wear them with my vans or with my puma’s. And I think loads of girls would appreciate a guy that buys her glitter socks. If she doesn’t love glitter, there are plenty of other options for her!

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