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A relationship with your best friend

January 18, 2017

So this might be kinda personal, but I love getting personal since I’m not afraid to tell people how I feel and besides that I have no secrets at all. I’m a open book you need to read first to understand. People know me as the girl with loads of sneakers from Instagram, but they don’t know the sweet, positive and funny side of me. Next to having a boyfriend, I have another relationship. The relationship with my best friend a.k.a myself. I am my very own best friend. I am the only one that knows me best, that feels what I need and that knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. I am the one that decides how I feel, how I make others feel and all the choices I make in life. I am responsible for myself, my emotions and how I let them control my body. Everything that happens in my life can only be controlled by me, myself, and I. Thats why people need to be really careful with their own lives, their emotions and the things they do/say. I am my own best friend because I can trust myself a full 100%. Every secret someone tells me, I need to keep for myself and only me. Its my duty to keep that secret, and it will be my own choice to tell it to someone else. Therefore you need to think twice before you open your mouth, something I REALLY learned last couple of years. My life has literally been a rollercoaster when it came to relationships. Not only with other people but also with myself. Everyone loses their mind once a time. Thats totally fine, it’s okay to take a break. I always wonder why my head is such a mess inside. Not only because of my 3 jobs, also because blogging took a huge part of my time. I felt like I really NEEDED to post something cause others wanted to read something. I felt like I NEEDED to shoot that certain day, cause I NEEDED to post something. Social media took over (which is logic cause that’s what happens when you’re a blogger, and of course my own choice) But I gave up on the fact that I ”NEEDED” something to do and replaced it with ”I WILL & I WANT”. It makes life so much easier when you want to do something cause YOU want to do it. If I don’t post anything on my Instagram today, that’s probably cause I’m either at work, sleeping, or I simply have nothing to post cause it’s cold outside and I hate shooting in the cold weather. These are just honest things I wanted to share. I don’t always have to do things and follow certain rules. I do it my way!  I now have more time to focus on myself, the things I really want to do and to re-invent the blogging. Blogging is a big part of what I love to do in life, it keeps me happy and it makes me smile. Of course you kinda do it to please others but don’t forget that blogging is also something you need to do for yourself. It keeps me calm, and gives me loads of inspiration too. It’s very important to focus on your mind and your body before you focus on other stuff. When your head is a mess, everything is a mess. Sleep on time, eat your veggies and drink loads of water. Take good care of yourself! So many people forget about that and this is just a reminder for not only myself but also for all those hard working people that need a cheer up. Your mind and body are your best friends. You have to live with them and take care of them until you’re old. No time to be single tho. You need to love yourself a lil bit more everyday.

Ginney Noa

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