Top 10 favourite beauty products

January 17, 2017

I have wanted to post something like this for a long time but I wanted to wait for a while until I had tested all of these products and see what it did to my skin. So to start off, I have very VERY oily skin. It runs in my family cause everyone here at home struggles with a shiny forehead! Ladies, I feel you. I know how annoying it could be when you have your face on fleek and after a hour your foundation melts off. I have some products that might help, might not but for me they really did. Here is my absolute top 10 beauty products (not sponsored at all, this is REALLY what I use on a daily base)

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel [buy here]
It’s a daily face cream based on gel, so not oily at all. I can’t randomly use any other products that aren’t gel based cause it’s to greasy for my skin. This gel is amazing and it smells good to. I don’t like heavy perfume either. So when you have oily skin like me, but it gets dry after showering, a creme based on gel is the best thing to use. I’ve been using this for 2 years now and it’s all my skin wants! Tip: The cream and the cream-gel both come in orange packaging so make sure you buy the creme-gel and not the creme!

Lush shampoo bar ”Honey I washed my hair” [buy here]
No lies, this is the BEST and of course my favo shampoo ever. I’ve been introduced to Lush a long time a go and been a fan ever since. Mainly because it’s not tested on animals and because it’s all hand made. It’s hard to resist the products when you walk into their store cause they all smell so good and they use all fresh ingredients. This shampoo bar is made out of fair trade honey and the best products to treat your hair with. This solid, self-preserving bar will last for up to 80 washes (that’s the work of three bottles of liquid shampoo) and requires no packaging. You can buy a little can to put your soap bar in and you have to leave it out of the shower so it doesn’t get too soggy.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed ”Champagne pop & Opal” [buy here]
So I have been using these two highlighters both for a while and they are the touch of sprinkle on my cake(face) haha. Just kidding, but these shimmering highlighters are absolutely the shit. Champagne pop is more like a golden brown shimmer and Opal is more like a light/silver/white-gold kinda colour. Both very different but very gorgeous in their own ways. They are a bit expensive, I mean I don’t usually spend too much money on make-up but when I walked into Sephora at Los Angeles I kinda had no other choice! These are the 2 highlighters I use on a daily base.

Mac lipstick matte ”Velvet teddy” [buy here]
I’m not sure if Mac cosmetics still tests on animals, I’m totally not behind that idea and had no clue that they did back in the days. They don’t test in Europe but did test in China which still makes it a company that tests on animals. But, like I said, I’m not sure if they still do! They do have lovely products and I have a couple of favourite lipsticks, but Velvet teddy is my to-go lipstick. This is the lipstick I wear every day. (I even have 3 of them in stock just in case I lose one!) Other favourites are Whirl, Lady Danger, Ruby woo and Twig.

Kat von D Shade+Light contour palette [buy here]
I bought this contour palette in Los Angeles last year cause I was looking for a bronzer that wasn’t too orange. I usually go with Mac ”Give me sun” but since I have been using the shit out of that one, I wanted something more with a colder under tone. I haven’t had any contour palette at that time so buying my first was a good idea. I knew Kat von D had some amazing products. This palette is perfect cause you only need a very very tiny bit on your brush. I guess you can do ages with it cause I have it for a while now and it still looks completely new haha. It’s very pigmented and comes with 3 light shades and 3 dark shades. I only use the bottom 3 to contour, and when I feel like it I use the other 3 lighter shades to set my concealer with.

Laura mercier translucent setting powder [buy here]
Translucent powder is perfect to set your concealer with so it doesn’t crease and move around the under eyes. I have very dark circles because I don’t always sleep enough due nightshifts, but also because I have Anemia (lack of blood). A setting powder really helps me to not only set my concealer but also to set my whole T zone which is the most oily part of your face (especially my face!). I always powder a bit of my nose, forehead, and chin as well so that my makeup doesn’t go somewhere else and leave me hahaha. I’ve tried budget one’s I have tried expensive one’s and I must say that it’s not the cheapest option but you can use it for a whole year!

Ardell lashes ”Demi wispies & Wispies” [buy here]
La la love lashes! The big reason why I don’t wear extension lashes is because I also have days where I don’t wear makeup at all. I just want to rub into my eyes without any hairs falling off. Besides that you constantly need to refill them which costs a bunch of money. I like to buy my lashes at the local drug store (kruidvat) or I order them online. Sometime’s I order a big pack from Ebay. I re-use my lashes up to 4 weeks and then I use a new pair. I always switch it up between the Demi wispies which are more shorter at the front and curly at the ends and between the normal wispies which are slightly longer at all ends.

Milani baked blush ”Luminoso” [buy here]
I have this thing for peachy toned blushes and I have a buuuunch of them in my makeup bag! Luminoso from Milani is one of them. It’s a cruelty free product as well and comes in a very gorgeous packaging. haven’t got a lot to say about this blush, but it’s the perfect to-go blush with a touch of shimmer!

Garnier micellair cleansing water [buy here]
You like this product or you don’t. It really depends if your skin can handle it or not. Garnier micellair water is a cleasing water to use AFTER your makeup tissues. It’s for the extra rinse after the normal cleaning routine cause it doesn’t do it’s work when you only use it to clean your face. I normally use cleaning wipes/tissues and afterwards I go in with the micellair water. I use the green one which is perfect for oily skin but they also have a yellow one that is mixed with oil and a pink one that is special made for sensitive skin. It’s quite a big bottle so if you want to try it I would try to use a tester first. I also use it in the morning before I put on any makeup, this because I usually wake up with a oily T zone and I always want to get rid of that first before layering anything else on top.

Beautyblender [buy here]
I recently found out the difference between a normal beautyblender (pink) and the beautyblender pro (black). I have both and I like the pro more. Not sure because I thought I felt more like a pro (lol, I make loads of jokes in this post but I ain’t even funny). Anyways, I use the pink one for concealer and the black one for my foundation. There is a difference but I’m not sure what it was anymore it had something to do with the sponge haha. But ehm, yeah this is a thing every girl has to have in her makeup bag. I mean I used to put on foundation with my fingers when I was younger (why the hell even?!?!) then I used a stippling brush which is fine, but a beauty blender changed the game. It makes my foundation look soooo good. So yeah, all these products/things are totally LIT. Hope I helped some of you out, any questions could be asked below from now!

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