Visits: Pokebowl Rotterdam

August 9, 2016

One of my best friends just opened her first saladbar in our hometown Rotterdam. Not just a normal saladbar but a Hawaiian saladbar with all fresh ingredients. It’s called Pokebowl and you can select your own choices to create your own bowl. They also sell delicious smoothies! I visited Poke on the friends and family day and made some shots to give you a feeling on how it all looks like. I’m not a big fan of fish so my Pokebowl had to be chicken ofcourse haha. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish, very colorfor and mostly with fish, veggies and fruits.

My Pokebowl was filled with white rice, grilled chicken, cucumber, edamame (beans), mango, sesame seads and fried onions. The combination between the mango and the rice was so different but I really loved it, and how nice is it that I tried my very first bowl at my friends place? The bowls on the picture’s are the bowls they had only for this day, the real bowls are much bigger ofcourse! Im just so proud of her and the place she has with her sister is super cozy. Possible to do some quick homework, to hang out and chill or you can take your Pokebowl with you cause take away is possible as well. I also recommend the smoothies with banana, mango, strawberry and applejuice!

I’ll be hanging around daily so I hope to see you soon! Their website is in dutch, visit [here] If you need any help or want to visit when you are visiting Rotterdam, just hit me a message 🙂
Loads of love,
Ginney Noa


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