Beauty: How I clean my make-up brushes

April 17, 2016

It was time for a new beautypost, and I got loads of questions on how I clean my brushes. There are so many ways to do it, but mine’s is easy, does not take a lot of time, isn’t expensive at all and ofcourse needs to be done every week. Sunday and Monday are usually my no make-up days cause I’m always free on these days, enough time to wash my brushes and let them dry. I like to wash them on Sunday morning so that they have all day and night to dry so that if I do need them on Monday, they are ready to use 🙂

Things you need:

– Dirty brushes
– Mini Towel
– Cutting board
– Rubber bands
– Warm water & Baby Soap (can be any brand)
– A Brush egg or Cleansing mat
– A place to dry your brushes!

I start with picking my dirty brushes, I actually never use so much brushes, I have 5 brushes that I always use. One bronzer blending brush, A highlighter fan brush & small highlight brush, Blush brush & a small brush for translucent powder. I have loads of brushes but I just keep them to use for makeup on friends, or just in case I decide to do a crazy look.

Next step is to take your dirty brushes to the bathroom, get yourself some baby soap or any other soap (I use Zwitsal cause it smells like heaven), A cleaning brush egg (ordered mine here) and some water, not too hot and not too cold.

Put some soap onto your brush egg (or whatever you prefer to use), dip your brush in the water and make circle motion moves on your brush egg while cleaning.

Even though I wash them every week, you will be surprised how much make-up still comes off! It’s a MUST to clean them EVERY week cause you will get break outs if you don’t. Taking care of your skin is super important and it starts with cleaning your brushes every week. Rinse your brushes deeply and use your fingers aswell if needed.

After cleaning every brush, dep them on a towel and start making your own brush rack from a cutting board and some rubber bands. I personally don’t need to spend money on a brush rack if I can make on myself with things I have at home. As shown in the picture put your ruber bands horizontal around the cutting board. This will help the brushes stay in place while letting them dry.

Make sure your brushes are FACED DOWN! Don’t let them dry upwards cause the water will stay on the bottom and because of the glue, the hairs can fall out. Laying them down on a towel is what I did before but somehow the shape wasn’t drying properly.

Hope you liked this how to clean post!

I finally have some time off to rest, Have been working extremely much past couple of 3 weeks and I haven’t had the time to proper enjoy some me time. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new visits post from the Pauls Boutique event in Amsterdam & A new outfit post!

Loads of love,
Ginney Noa

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