Review: Lilly Ghalichi lashes ”Miami” (Kylie Jenner’s favorite lashes)

February 24, 2016

I’ve been dying over Kylie Jenner and her looks lately. She is just a very pretty girl, even with no makeup on. Her own lashes aren’t that long and thats why she wears lashes most of the time. I think lashes are like brows. They make your whole look. A face could already be finished with long thick lashes and good shaped brows. Most of you already know that I have been wearing lashes everyday for about 10 months now. I started wearing lashes because of voluminous ( and also cause I started plucking my own lashes as a habit. I just could not stop it. I’ve tried alot of lashes and I already found some favorite’s! But it was time to try something different: the 3D Mink lashes from Lilly Ghalichi. And ofcourse in the style Kylie Jenner wears alot, which is ”Miami”. Voluminous sells them in a couple of styles which are: Mykonos, Monaco, and Doha. For more lashes just visit their website.

The thing I needed to get used to is the thick lash band. I’m Always used to wear thinner lash bands and this one is a bit thicker. You need to let the glue dry untill it gets sticky and you could use a eyelash tool or a teezer to press them above your own lashes. I’m not the most professional eyelash-user haha but since I happen to use them every day it gets easier. The pretty thing is that my lashes look way fuller (obviously), Longer but also more curled. All the lashes I normally use are not that curled. This one looks amazing from the side aswell. Anyways I’m hooked and I have a new lash brand I absolutely love! These are hands down my FAVORITE lashes! Feel free to email me any questions if you want to!

Loads of love,
Ginney Noa

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