Review NYX soft matte lipcream

January 25, 2016

So i’ve been testing these soft matte lipcreams from NYX today. I got these as a present from my girl Tq, as I really wanted to try some out. First impression? Not so good. I saw these in Los Angeles before but never bought them to try so here are some swatches!

The package is not very special but it is cute! They are quite small and fit right in your make-up bag. I have the colours Copenhagen and Monte Carlo. Copenhagen is a deep red/purple colour and Monte Carlo is a bright red colour. I like both colours but I dont really like the texture. You have to swatch it more then once to get it right on the lips. Its not sticky, its really creamy but it does not covers very well. Its not really matte either, its more like the satin finish from Mac. I did not use any lip liner so the edges are kinda off. It’s almost impossible to get them nice and straight cause the texture is so creamy. As you know, I am very honest about the things I review so thats why I wanted to show my opinion about these lippies!

Enjoy your week!
Loads of love,
Ginney Noa

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