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July 4, 2019
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I wanted to share something new with you all called ”The list” this list contains my favourite shops, places to hang out, dinner spots, what-to-do stuff and loads more. I will update the list everytime I find a new spot and mark it with a different color so you can easily see which one’s you missed out on. Some eat-spots/shops have more locations so you should check out which one is closer to where you are. Have fun!…

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Daily/Night skin routine, what do I use?

June 15, 2019
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I always had a very smooth skin. No acne, no wrinkles, only a few pigment spots (lighter and darker areas on my face) and dark circles. I always struggled with Anemia (less blood in my body) which causes my dark circles. I didn’t necessarily have to wear makeup, but all the girls at school did this and it somehow made me insecure. In addition to that, I also enjoyed experimenting with different brands. I started wearing makeup very early,…

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