Highschool sweetheart lookbook for H&M

January 26, 2018

Walking through the school hallways, whether it is your first day or your last, your outfit is always important. Maybe for yourself, or do you want to impress someone else? That group of girls you want to belong to, or just that one new guy that you always see during math class .. At the lockers, to pick up some books. During the break, gossiping about that one girl that is soooo popular. And even in the bathrooms at school, for a last check if your lipstick is still poppin’. The most important time of your life, school. To prepare you for everything that life will bring you in the future. The whole feeling that school brings with it, and even the feeling that school brings with it after class hours. The milkshake you get with friends after a long day, the ride in your first car or maybe the ride with that one guy you like from the basketball team. We all have our own story in this hectic but lovely period. What is your story?

Together with H&M & Photographer Marco Kolanus, I made a lookbook for Divided. Shop the items [here]

Concept & Styling by Ginneynoa
Photography & Edit by Marco Kolanus










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