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December 12, 2017

I get these questions a lot: ”How do you edit your pictures?”, ”what song are you listening to?”, ”Do you have a playlist?”. We’ll I’m not gonna tell you EXACTLY how I edit my pictures, but I will share with you the app I use and link you to my sound cloud where I have several playlists for you with my fave songs. I’m also sharing some other apps that I find helpful and use on a daily base. 

VSCO: I have been using this app for ages. I’ve downloaded almost every filter, just in case I might need it. I use VSCO to make my pictures less yellow and more brighter so they fit my Instagram feed. I also use VSCO to darken my hair a bit or when I want my pictures in black and white.

UBER: I love uber, its easy to use and quite handy when I’m not with my own car. I usually take the uber after a night out or when friends are visiting Amsterdam. I always hate to walk long roads when its cold and its way cheaper then the Taxi!

SOUND CLOUD: This is a app I use on a daily base cause it lets me listen to music while doing other stuff on my phone. I also use it as background music for my Instagram stories so I can record while having music in the viddy. I love to scroll around soundcloud and find new artists or producers. Also, it will create a list for you with songs that are related to the songs you’ve played earlier! I think every artist/producer uses soundcloud. I don’t think I have to tell you that you can also upload your own music (just told you anyway lol). Make sure u follow mine;

SLEEPTIME: I have a weird sleeping schedule, sometimes I fall asleep really early and sometimes I’m awake till 6 in the morning. I also have sleep paralysis a lot so its not easy to get a good rest. This app shows you when you are in a deep sleep+REM, Light sleep, and when you are awake (or moving). Its also a alarm clock and shows you how many times you snoozed and when its the best time to wake up.

PARKMOBILE: I use this app everyday. I still get tickets cause I’m fucking stupid. But this app really helps me to pay for parking when I’m in a hurry. Not sure if this also works outside the Netherlands, but atleast it works for me!

TIKKIE: It’s a dutch app but great to have when someone still needs to pay you. When you have dinner with 8 friends, and you pay the whole bill (at some restaurants its not possible to split the bill), you just send your friends a ‘’tikkie’’ and share the link via whatsapp. They can click the link and pay immediately. You can also see who payed you and who still needs to complete your tikkie.

EVER NOTE: Tired of not having a scanner around to scan your documents? No worries. Ever note lets you take a picture of your document and edits it exactly like a scan. So easy when you need someone to email your passport or a signed document.

FLITSMEISTER: Another dutch app, but super handy to avoid tickets when driving too fast. It tells you exactly when and where to slow down.

SHAZAM: This app is genius. If there is a song in the club or on the radio and you want to know the artist or song title, just use Shazam and it will tell you exactly what song or artist you are listening too! I do listen to a lot of edits and beats, Shazam doesn’t always recognises everything. But 9 out of the 10 times it does!

GOOGLE PHOTOSCAN: You can turn physical pictures into digital pictures with this app. It takes away any light and shiny spots so it almost looks like its scanned. This is lovely for old baby pictures you want to post on your instagram or just some old high school pictures (I will deffo not do that with mines lol)

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