September 22, 2017

So me and my friend ”E” hang out once in a while. No matter if we havent seen each other for 2 weeks or 6 years, we still good. And we vibe, like we always do. He brings his camera, I bring the laughter (and the poses) and another positive day passes by. We went shooting in the south and I wanted to capture these Puma’s one more time cause I love these so much! The fitting is great, they are very comfy even though the platform is higher than the normal creepers. Not sure if running is a very good idea havent really tried it yet haha. Anyways, I love the outcome of these shots therefore I wanted to share them with you. I’m wearing my fave camo pants which I bought in London at a vintage shop. I know everyone wears camo pants these days but I actually have been wearing these since I was 6 so its not that I’m late (kinda lol). Followed by a sports bra cause I work out once in a month (duh). It was totally not the weather for this fit, but sometimes you gotsta do it for the gram right?

Puma cleated creepers [here]
Camo Pants (vintage shop)
Nike top [here]


lookbook1 IMG_6763

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