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Love in different ways

September 2, 2017

I love writing. I love meditation. It keeps my mind peaceful even if its just for 5 minutes. Today I asked myself, have you ever felt love in two ways. By this I mean hitting rock bottom because of love, and walking on cloud nine because of love. Everything in between fades away so quickly. It seems that my mind only wants to remember the very good memories, and the very bad memories. No matter in which position you are, Negativity always takes over and often at times when you do not expect it. I’ve always said that love is a beautiful thing to cherish. I still think so, but we should not forget that love has another sideΒ we do not prepare ourselves for often enough. You lose yourself completely, causing yourself to confuse your mind and your feelings. Being loved and loving a person is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in life. I think everyone agrees with me. And I do not think we should hide it when it’s not going well. Social media has created us to show the world that everything is fine. But that’s not necessary. When shit goes wrong it goes wrong. No need to put on that mask. I am an open book. I’m not afraid to tell that there are days that break me in thousand of pieces. I’m not afraid to tell that I have insecurities. I’m not afraid to tell that I do not know what I want in life. That sometimes, I’m a little afraid to jump in the depths and prefer to watch it from a distance. I’m that girl who is looking for herself and endlessly enjoys the trip to find whatever it is. I’m the girl who lives, always returning to where she belongs home. I’m the happy and creative girl dancing endlessly until night at a party.Β But also the girl who has no idea whats going on and cries when it is necessary. Love in different ways. You’ll find it in multiply things, in the food we eat, in the jokes we make, in the music we listen to, but the most important thing is to find love within, ourself, in many differentΒ ways.


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