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I INSPIRE #1 with Sascha Lekatompessy

July 12, 2017

I inspire is a new topic about creative people that inspire me. I have always wanted to inspire others to follow their dreams, to be themselves, to love who they are and to spread self-love all across the world. Sometimes people have no idea that they inspire others. Just because of their hard work, their positivity, or just the way they follow their goals. Inspiring others can be simple, simply amazing. Therefore I want to introduce you to different kinds of human beings that inspire me in their own different way. First up is Sascha Lekatompessy currently located in Maasbree, The Netherlands.


Hi! Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
My name is Sascha Lekatompessy. I like to create in the art of movement, I’m a dancer/teacher/choreographer/coach.

We have known each other for a while, you inspire me because of the way you enjoy what you do, therefore I wanted to ask you some questions, when did you started dancing and can you remember the first song you did a choreo on?
I started really young, at the age of 5. Crazy enough it wasn’t by own choice, I always wanted to play soccer. But being the only girl (I have two older brothers who played soccer) my mom thought it would be better to let me do something more ‘girly’ so she signed me up for dance class. And I remember it as just being the best thing in the world to me. I don’t remember which song exactly I first danced to but there’s one song that always stuck with me that I certainly know I danced to in dance class at very young age: Janet Jackson – together again.

I assume that doing what you do, is something that you love. Have you always wanted to do this? If you weren’t dancing what would you be doing?
Actually during high school I never knew what I wanted to do, I was just living towards graduation, I was being bullied for a part of my high school period so it wasn’t that fun anyway and by the time I finished my VMBO the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to get away from the small town I lived in (Maasbree, close to Venlo in the south of Holland) as quick as possible. I figured out that by getting my HAVO diploma (only 2 years extra) instead of choosing a study (I didn’t know if I woud really like it, there weren’t many options since I wouldn’t get study funding) I would get out much faster. During these two years I was still very actively dancing, I was doing competitions, training 3 days a week. This was the only thing I knew for sure that I was passionate about. I got a new coach, someone who saw potential in me and took me with him to other jobs and challenged me/offered me to do my first tv show. Later on I started dancing for X-factor Belgium and that’s when I fell in love with the creating side of dance and the stage. My coach was also the one who dragged me into auditioning for dance academy.  Crazy enough, I got in! And now, I don’t know what I would be doing if all of this didn’t happen to me, I would probably be doing something creative anyway because I come from a really creative family/culture.

Maybe a very well known question but, what inspires you to do what you do?
The leading thing that inspires me is just doing what I love and radiate that onto my students or anyone who is showing me the effort to wanting to learn from me. I just want to share my passion, my vision and let people feel comfortable to do what they want. Being free and having the feeling of not being judged is the main thing in my classes. Seeing people grow in my classes makes me emotional at times. And that’s inspiring to me. My students.

Any plans for 2018?
Travel more, travelling by sharing my work/passion would be amazing. I’m realizing the first baby steps of that already this year but I would like to expand that. I hope to grow bigger and wiser so I can turn my name into a brand who’s doing more than just teaching and dancing.

If you could choose to be at any city right now, any country you like, where would you be and what would you be doing?
Right now I would probably choose for a white sandy beach, bright blue water at the foot of a rain forest with a lot of sun, food, my boyfriend and a good book doing NOTHING somewhere in Indonesia. But that’s just because I worked so hard these passed weeks and I just need to rest, besides that,  travelling is one of my other passions haha.

3 things you are very blessed for at this very moment?
At first I am very blessed with my job, I realize this e-ve-ry-day and I’m very thankful for this. I am able to do what I truly love and I turned it into my job which it’s never a dull day. Every day is different and I need that because I get bored really easily. Second of all, I’m very blessed with the people in my life. My boyfriend and family (his family too) who are so supportive to me and always have been. I’m aware of the fact that not everyone gets the support they expect or want, which makes me even more thankful. Last but not least I’m blessed for having a healthy mind/body with a roof over my head including food, living in a country where everything is possible.

Best travel tip?
Probably my islands of origin, Maluku (Indonesia). It has everything, the beaches, the rain forest, the food and the kind loving people! It just feels like magic to me every time I get the chance to visit.

Tell us more about the music you dance to, what is your favourite artist and why?
I am a all rounded music lover, which makes me an all round dancer as well (and in skills). I enjoy John Mayer just as much as Stevie wonder and just as much as 2pac. You name it, I almost like it all! I don’t really have a favourite artist, as a person you go through different emotions and stages in life and the thing about music that I love so much is the fact that there is always a song you can relate to at some point. Certain songs have the power to bring you completely back to the feeling of that one time you were listening to that exact same song. For my classes/dancing I always try to look for the not so obvious songs, but sometimes I can’t resist going for the opposite. I always try to find that one artist that nobody knows.

All time favourite song?
Chaka khan – feel for you

Morning or night person?
Night person, mostly because of my job. My workday starts at it’s earliest around 16:00 and sometimes I finish around 22:00.

What is the most important lesson you have learned during your journey of life so far?
That you are the only one that has control over your life and that you are the master of your mind and being. When life hits you from un expecting corners who’s going to tell you to keep moving on? It’s you, yourself! Only you have the power to take your life by the horns and turn it to the positivity.

People always ask me where I see myself in 5 years, I never know what to tell them, so where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to be married, having at least one child, to be sincerely happy with where ever I am and who I am as a person with whatever it is that I’m doing at that moment.

Shot taken by: The creative boyz

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