Smooth and Silky? Trying out Kerastraight

January 30, 2017

Many people know I’m originally a Lush-Only user. This mostly cause Lush doesn’t test on animals and everything is hand made. I actually never try other products cause I instant think that it would be a waste of money. I have spend SO MUCH money on hair products. Especially when I died my hair blond two summers ago. I went from blonde, to pink, to blue, to purple, and I even had to cut off my blue ends cause it would not go out anymore. Now, after more than 2 years, my hair is finally strong, thick, and healthy. I havent got a colour since a year now (last colour was just dark brown) and I have cut it twice (short) in a year so it has been growing super fast. 2 weeks ago I received a e-mail from KeraStraight. A brand which I never heard of but I was too curious to try out. It’s a british company launched in 2009. They haven’t asked me to write this blogpost by the way, I wanted to write a review myself. And why? Because I love it so far! I have tried it for 2 weeks to see if I liked it so you guys can get a honest opinion. You always see these girls with whitening kits or sponsored products on Instagram promoting a brand that they don’t even like. Its hard now a days to decide who to believe when it comes to good products. I always take my time to try out certain products and I always give my honest review on them. If I don’t like a product I would tell you as well.

As you can see my normal (washed) hair on the left is quite bouncy and wavey. I only wear it like this when I’m in a hurry or when I don’t feel like styling it. On the right I have straightened my hair and used the heat protection spray. My hair is smooth and silky! Besides the product itself I like the packaging too!

Ultimate Oil – super lightweight, made from a gorgeous blend of 9 different oils – your hair will literally pick which it wants depending on what it needs! It smoothes, illuminating frizz and leaving your hair super shiny.

Heat Protection Spray – A protection spray that creates a lightweight, moisturising feel whilst protecting against heat tools. It smells ace too. Have tried this today before straighten my hair.

Rescue Cream – Two in One, a treatment and a blow-dry cream. It’s highly concentrated so perfect for slicked back looks, making your hair super shiny. The treatment part repairs damage, seals broken ends and replenishes the hair whilst you wear it. I use this when I just washed my hair mainly on the ends to make them feel extra soft.

Moisture Mist – It’s a lightweight hydration and hold product which also contains a little heat protection and leaves hair feeling softer. Not sticky and it doesn’t have a strong scent to it. Have been using this a few times before I went out to the club!

Root Lift Spray – This product has a stronger hold than the others, it’s a styling gel to explain simply. As it’s dried into the hair it has amazing hold and support.

Moisture Mask – A highly concentrated treatment, you really only need a little bit. It works as a mask to repair, hydrate and soften dry hair.


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