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What has happened over the last 6 months

November 15, 2016

A lot has happened to me in the last 6 months. I have done some amazing campaigns, shoots, collabs, travels, events. Worked my ass off, but also enjoyed my holidays in Los Angeles. Since I use my snapchat a lot on a daily base, people see me at work, outside with friends, at home with family and 99% in my car stuck in traffic or singing along with my favourite songs haha. But what they don’t know is what I do exactly while snapchatting. I never told you guys exactly what I have been doing in Los angeles and not exactly why I’m with my family that other day for example. I have been MIA on my blog for a few weeks because I was super busy with work and since people have been asking me what I do all the time, Do I have a boyfriend, new job, which nightclub do I work at, which festivals did I join? Woohah, Kralingse bos, Niko festival, Solar, Encore, Expedition festival and more. I’m just going to show you my last 6 months! Thats alot, and a long blogpost but I’m happy to re-explore these moments with you.

I start with the month May. I worked with brands like Asics, Caliroots, Nubikk, Pretty Lavish UK, JD sports, Maniere du voir, Blackstone, Loavies, The hoodlab and so on. I was shooting alot of content this month. This is also the month I went on a first actual serious date with my boyfriend. We have known each other for more than 2 years, have been friends for a while as well, and now ended up beeing together for the last 6 months. I can tell you that having a relationship based on a good friendship is the best ever. May was also the month me and Annabel (the club I work at) joined the ”Redbull Bar staff challenge”. This is a challenge to show The Netherlands which bar/club has the most amazing barstaff. We get challenges for the upcoming 6 months and if we win, we go to Finland with the whole crew! Me, my boyfriend and his friends went to Kaytranada in Amsterdam. We loved his new Album! I also got a very short haircut for the very first time!

In June I went to the opening of the new Adidas store in Amsterdam. They did a really good job on this and I was also blessed with a new pair of sneakers and some gear. Meetings passed by such as the great meeting I had with my friend Diego from Diadora. He showed me the upcoming collection and it looks amazing! I also worked on this campaign for K-swiss on their tongue twister. I gave a sneaker presentation at the ”Share a perfect day event” telling about my favourite sneakers and how to keep them clean, and I started working with Size? on some Reeboks. I joined WOOHAH festival with my friends, continued working at Gorilli, and shot pictures with Stacii for the Trasher campaign.

July was the month ”Altijd in de buurt” opened her doors in Rotterdam. One of my favo hotspots, founded by two super humble guys Roger & Tobias. I worked with brands as Solewish, Daniel wellington, Worst behaviour, Adidas, JD sports, Missy empire and I got Published in Praise Magazine! One of my close friends Caroll Lynn (known as careaux) released her first Puma collection, and I had a first look in Amsterdam with my friends Rami and Daan. She got me this amazing bomber!

In August I started working with 4threckless one of my favo webshops when it comes to heels and boots. I joined the Oneblockdown family, shot even more content for JD sports beeing their dutch guest blogger, and one of my best friends Irene, opened her first Hawaiian salad bar called Pokebowl in Rotterdam. My boyfriend came back from his trip in Vietnam (he went away for 5 weeks and I missed him a lot!) I joined the Imaginegirlsclub team, had my first Pokebowl lunch at my birthday on the 10th, and later that night my boyfriend surprised me with this AMAZING trip to Prague! I also went to the opening of the first Dr Martens store in Rotterdam and received this super cute pair of Dr martens Pascal boots. At the end of this month I joined Encore festival to support Soulection and my brother Dj Djoevenile and had my first meeting with Imagine by kim for a new job!

September was the month I wore my hair loads and loads in buns cause I was sick of wearing it down all the time, quit my job at Gorilli, gave a sneaker presentation at the football stadion in Rotterdam and started my journey in Los Angeles with my friend Rosa. We stayed in this beautiful Air Bnb in Silverlake, and mostly went on this holiday to explore the city and chill down from work. We both have been working a lot in Annabel, which is a nightclub/bar in Rotterdam. We work during the night, sometimes for more then 11 hours which is pretty exhausting. We love our job so much but we also love to get some rest and thats why we booked a ticket to Los Angeles for 3 weeks. I worked with photographers Ryan Calderon, Justin Quebral and Brandon Bacquie. We loved, explored, ate, read, got lost, mad, confused, but mainly enjoyed each other at this wonderful experience. In this month I learned a lot about me, my relationship, my friends (the ones that are real and the ones that are not), my family which I appreciate the most, my feelings towards others and the love I have for my job and being a blogger. Blogger life is cool, but it takes A LOT of time and hard work to get it all together. Blogging is not about getting free stuff and making some pictures. Its about working together with the most amazing brands, to create something together as a team. To receive love in boxes, to spread love back, to be thankful and humble towards your followers, to keep your Instagram and blog updated with the latest trends, and mostly to keep working on yourself as a person and the style you have created. But I think the most emotional and best thing happened this month is that my sister got married with the love of her life. She has been in a relationship for 15 years with the same guy, bought a very nice house and gave birth to 3 amazing kids (not all in once haha but over the last 11 years tho). It was a long but lovely month.

In October I flew back home and worked with Diesel on this amazing ”For successful living” campaign. I also started the Suede Season campaign with Puma. I joined forces again with JD sports, human with attitude, and started my first workday at Imagine by kim in Rotterdam. I did a collab with Nunbangkok and Nicole vienna. The blog Rebel from birth made me #3 in the top 20 female sneakerheads in 2016! Unfortunately I also happen to spend some time at the hospital. (I’ve been through this process from August un till now) I got surgery for a cyst around my lower stomach (don’t google search cause the picture’s are not what I had lol) and therefore I couldn’t proper walk, sit, drive and work for a week. I’m still recovering now, and it’s getting better day by day. At the end of the month I supported soulection at the ADE beats in Amsterdam and went to their party on a Wednesday as well (this was before my surgery by the way). After my Surgery I started working with JD sports on Fila. 2 weeks later REC event & MTV Ema’s started. I worked my ass off this week but I enjoyed doing it!

On this very day its the 15th of November and 2 weeks ago I started working with the dutch website Zalando. I went to Ikea with my boyfriend to re-style his bedroom (ofcourse I had to buy a cactus and a shitload of candles). Me and my friends saw Mura Masa live last week at Annabel and yesterday me and the Annabel crew went to the FINALS of the ”Redbull bar staff challenge”. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we had a amazing time! (see picture above) My busy month is now continuing working with 4th reckless, Isabelle rose taylor, Nubikk, JD sports, Puma, Daniel Wellington and more. My boyfriend is currently in London, and I’m currently in bed scheduling my agenda on when to work upcoming week and when to shoot. It has been raining for the last 3 weeks so I hope to get some new content online soon! All stories above go compared with work in the nightclub, work in the store at Gorilli and Imagine, driving loads in my car to meetings and shoots, and almost never sleep!

And yes I’m so ready for Christmas!


Ginney Noa


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