Outfit: Back at it again with the white shoes

February 29, 2016

I went shooting with the one and only Igobythename. We are friends for a while now but never took the time to go out and explore, so therefore we went to Belgium. I’m a very easy going girl. I like shooting with different kinds of people and I like to see them grow as well. I’m proud to have such creative friends cause they Always inspire me with their stories. Whether they are struggles or achievements, no matter what. They all got my full support! And so, these shots are the results of a mission complete.

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I am wearing a Tommy Hilfiger sweater, available at Maha Amsterdam (@maha_amsterdam on Instagram), A denim pair of jeans from Forever21 and my all white classy shoes from Nubikk. I’m going to shoot a second outfit with these shoes cause there are so many ways to wear them!

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Beside’s doing this shoot, I also got sick unfortunately. I haven’t been eating and drinking properly and I never sleep. So that is something that really needs to change. I have some great stuff to shoot so I deffo need to get better and shoot again!

Enjoy your week,
Loads of love,
Ginney Noa


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