Outfit: Maniere de voir / Uncle Jack

February 20, 2016

Today was a Sunny day! Not the whole day, there were a lot of clouds as you can see in my picture’s. Today I wanted to show you a part of what came in from the brand Maniere de voir. They send over loads of goodies to shoot with, and today I wanted to show you guys this lovely sports-dress, the black sneakers and ofcourse the bomber jacket! I actually never found a good and warm bomber in black so this came right on time. The sneakers are different from what I am used to wear, but its so easy to match cause they’re black and they look good with a more classy fit aswell. The sports-dress is one of my favorites! It’s super soft and has a tiny zipper on the back. I like the mesh on the middle part which shows a bit of skin. Normally I mix and match different brands together but this time I wanted to wear them all together as one brand. The only thing that is from another brand, is my watch which I got from Uncle Jack! It’s all black and fits perfectly with this outfit. It’s also unisex and they have different colours, so each for every one!

Shop my bomber jacket [here]
Shop my sports-dress [here]
Shop my sneakers [here]
Shop my watch [here]

It’s Saturday today and I have to work nightshift again. Tomorrow is another shooting day and I will be showing some things I got in lately that I have been loving! I’m just so super excited for everything im going to do in the next couple of weeks. I got so many presents with items to try and a few important meetings that are going to help me grow in life and ofcourse help me grow with my blog. Im just very blessed and I absolutely wanted to pass over these positive vibes! If you like to see something else on my blog then please let me know, my vlog is highly requested but I still have to edit it at my brothers place, but im just lacking time with the 2 jobs I have. Ill promise ill try to finish it after the weekends <3

Have a great weekend!
Loads of love,
Ginney Noa

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