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Latest pickup: Alexander Mcqueen oversized sneakers

February 7, 2016

I have been loving the SHIT out of these shoes. They are so gorgeous, so comfy and I absolutely got these for a great price. The fact that they have big soles make them even look more doper in my opinion. They are crispy white and they have a part on the back which is black. These are my second designer sneakers, I already got my hands on a pair of Maison Margiela’s. The reason why I want to start collecting designer sneakers is cause you don’t see alot of people walking around on them. I work my ass off for every shoe I have, and so I need to work my ass off more to buy all these expensive sneakers. This is also the reason why I have been selling alot of my current collection. It just makes me sick seeing every girl walking around on the same shoes. Another pickup I did was these Mom jeans which I bought on Sale for only 12 euro’s and this Pink Bomber. The top I am wearing is also new, and yes, also on sale for 7 euro’s.

Luckily the sun was out today so me and Quirina (my photographer) were able to shoot some picture’s. Right now I am going to have some dinner, and later this evening I am going to sleep over at Caroll Lynn’s her place in Amsterdam! She’s going to Sydney at the end of this month so I really need to spend some time with her while I still can!

Enjoy your day/night everyone!
Loads of Love,
Ginney Noa

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