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New Loungeset / Phone got stolen / Vlog is coming / Crepecity / Update

February 6, 2016

Alot happened last week! I have been vlogging for a whole week and I only need to edit it and put it online. My hair is darker, I have bought new clothes and make-up, new shoes, have also been selling alot of shoes. AND MY PHONE GOT STOLEN! Last Friday when I was working in store. So all my pictures are gone, all my memories from Los Angeles, All my snapchat movies, my fun and laughter moments during the summer with my friends. It’s horrible. The fact that my Phone is gone is alright, but the fact that all my memories and pictures are removed really sucks. Also songs I wrote down to download, quotes, messages and the first picture’s of me and Niels are gone 🙁 I did bought a new Phone the day after which costs alot of money so not have I only lost my Phone I have been spending alot of money on a new one aswell. I hope the person who took it gets bad Karma! Another lesson learned.

But on to a more positive story, Loving this loungeset from Forevermodo! click [here] to shop mines. This is perfect for a day off, to do groceries, to lounge in the house or at your friends place. It’s fashionable but very comfy! On my lips I am wearing the new Colourpop liquid lipstick ”More Better” my girl Melanie gave me! Such a sweet little present. I have been wanting this colour for such a long time but it was sold out everytime. Another thing that gets me very excited is that I am going to collaborate with loads of people and brand again. Me and my girl TQ are also planning on going to Crepecity this year! Yay! I have been wanting to meet my London girls for a while now but I’m Always so busy with working double shifts and stuff. Anyways I’m off to my brothers Birthday party now!

Enjoy your weekend!
Loads of Love,
Ginney Noa

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