Supreme, Champion, Fila

December 7, 2015

Another outfit post up on the blog for you peeps. I worn this 2 days ago on a not so cold day, so I was happy to leave my scarf at home. I am wearing a cap from Supreme, bought at the Supreme store in Los Angeles this summer. My tee is from Fila. Have been loving the shit out of this brand lately. I ordered this online at a random sports shop for only 9 euro’s. I do wear a size Medium (bit too big) but small was sold out. But, that is all right cause I like my shirts big. My coat is from Cos (last year) and is one of my favorite coats. I mentioned in one of my last posts that I really needed a new black skinney jeans that is highwaist, so I ordered myself a new one online at Forever21 for only 14 euro’s. It’s stretch so absolutely what I was looking for. My sweater is from Champion which is a brand I have been wearing for a while now. This sweater came out a few weeks ago but I thought it was too expensive (110 euro’s) So now I got it online with discount and it was only 70 euro’s yayyy. Sneakers are from Puma (R698) and are one of my favorite puma models. This shoe walks amazingly nice and you can easily match it with whatever you like.

I got so many questions and compliments about/on my hair. I really appreciate all the kindness (looveee) but to set it straight, it’s not my real hair (duh), it’s a wig I bought. It’s not real hair either cause I am not gonna wear this wig all the time. I just wanted to buy it to see if it fits me and how I would look with some grey hair. I absolutely love it and now I don’t have to destroy my own hair to have this colour. I love my own hair too much to dye it again, especially now its so thick and strong again. This wig is fun, easy to put on, and nice to use for shoots or whenever I feel like it! And the good part is that loads of people thought it was real, so I did not spend my money on something stupid this time hahaha..

Enjoy your weekend!
Loads of love,
Ginney Noa

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