Review Triangle Bikini

December 7, 2015

The bikini comes in a very nice signature black box. The top and bottom are separately sealed in their plastic bags. In the box you find a description on how to take care of the bikini/how to wash it. Its just exactly packed the way I like it! The bikini is thick material, doesnt shine trough and it has very nice details on the outside. Triangl is well known for their bright colour bikini’s with black lining so ofcourse I had to pick myself a nice and (not too) bright colour. Ofcourse pink, cause it’s my favorite and mint because I just think those two colours match very well. You can choose between side tie, bandeau, and so much more. I choose a bikini with straps cause I have tiny boobs and I feel more comfortable when they are lifted up a bit. I got myself a XS on the top and a XS on the bottoms. I am normally a 34 in jeans/underwear and a 75A/B on cupsize so I hope that helps choosing your size. The top is not filled with anything but it still gives you the push up look you want with a bikini. (team tiny boobs yay!)

Another thing I really like is the back clasp on the back of the bikini top. Its not too tight and it wont pop all of a sudden (happened to me once, not funny). You really have to click the clasp in to open and close it. You cannot take off the straps but I dont see that as a problem cause you can just tuck those inside the bikini. I tested the bikini in the shower (I know very random) but I wanted to know if the material got thinner and shined trough and it’s winter here so no way im gonna jump into the sea. But it doesn’t shine trough so don’t be afraid for cameltoes or buttcracks lol! This bikini got it all. To clear things out, I’m not promoting this bikini cause I got it gifted, I really wanted to review this cause it’s just so amazing!

Enjoy your weekend!
Loads of love,
Ginney Noa

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