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New Blog!

December 7, 2015

Welcome to my new blog! I decided to change the game and start a brand new website with my own name. You can still visit my old blog which is and I will let all my old posts on there but post my new outfits and stuff on this website. One of the reasons why I chose to rebrand my blog was because my Instagram name is also Ginneynoa and alot of people dont know Onatah, the meaning behind it and my clothing line. I don’t have time to focus on my clothing line so I will fully focus on my blog. I am very happy and excited to work on this new blog. I linked everything in new categories so that you can easily search trough my outfit posts or my beauty posts. My email is currently the same but I will also change that into a different one.

I hope you all enjoy reading on this brand new blog!
Loads of love,
Ginney noa

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